Support what I do

I’ve had some folks who come across my work ask how they can donate as a thank you. Hearing that is incredibly humbling and generous and a reward all on its own!

You might have noticed I’m not a fan of paid access – no Patreon or Substack for me. Instead, I’ll graciously accept donations toward gear upgrades and basic maintenance.

What you'll support

Between my personal projects and supporting grassroots community initiatives, I wind up spending a lot out of pocket. Here’s a glimpse at what’s involved – and what your donation can support:

  • Roughly a thousand dollars a year on web services (hosting, platforms, domains, etc)
  • Subscription costs for tools like the Adobe Creative Suite and other software tools
  • News subscriptions are another couple hundred bucks. Of course, I would have these anyway, but access is important for civic work.
  • Hardware: From photography gear to A/V cables and more, always having something ready in the bag lets us pull off quality, professional events on short notice.
Of course, I’m always happy to share these resources! Get in touch if I can help you.

Next on the wishlist

Your support will help with those ongoing costs mentioned above. Beyond that, I’m looking to upgrade a few things. Tips on a deal are valuable too! I’m always on the lookout for used gear too.

  • A/V gear for a Nikon Z6ii – Looking to build a better capability for grassroots video work, not sure exactly what’s best for the kit yet – a Rode shotgun mic? small light panel?

How to donate