World inside a rock: Richardson Ranch Moss Bed Thunderegg

New camera calls for testing out the macro rig. What better test than a crazy, mossy thunderegg from Richardson’s Ranch!

“Moss” is a common term for the filament-like structures formed by mineral inclusions found inside certain agates. Many can be greenish colors and truly resemble moss, but this one shows a vibrant yellow-orange range of color and wild patterns. Richardson’s Rock Ranch is probably the largest source of thundereggs in the world and one of the beds there produces some really special mosses.

These are fun to photograph because the clarity and depth and color can present different challenges. The pics here are just from a quick, sloppy test run with my new camera (it can do better – seriously). I’ll have to revisit this egg and take some better shots!

Visit Richardson's Rock Ranch

The Ranch is closed to digging your own thundereggs now, but it still offers a TON of material well worth a visit. From boulder-sized rough of popular material like tiger’s eye and labradorite to exquisite display pieces of local specialties, you can spend some time here.

Leave the pups at home as there are farm animals and peacocks about. Bring water as it’s a good ways out from Madras and you’ll spend more time here than you were counting on.

Time your trip right and you might even be able to make the Polka Dot Agate Mine in the same day!

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